Nonprofit World: October-December 2017


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Assess Your Organization's Vulnerability to Fraud
by De Armond, Laurie & Gerry Zack
It's a people problem, so combat it with governance.
Can Your Organization's Employees Also Be Volunteers? What Are the Risks?
by Lockwood Herman, Melanie
What are the legal consequences of confusing volunteers with paid staff?
Choosing a Fiscal Year
by Sandhu, Tejdev
A custom-tailored fiscal year can improve the clarity and timeliness of your accounting information.
Does Workers' Comp Protect Your Volunteers?
by Heinen, Steve
How can you be sure your volunteers - and your organization - are protected from financial risk in the case of illness or injury?
Fourteen Steps to Better Fundraising
by Ball, Alyson
These ideas hold the keys to transformational fundraising.
From Government Funds to Income Diversity: A Map For The Quest
by Eber Davis, Karen
Is it time to expand your income horizons?
How to Fit into the News
by Friedman, Rachel
Use these tips to boost your profile.
How to Solicit Your Board: Rules for Success
by Perry, Gail
Would you like 100% of your board to give cash gifts to your organization? Here's how to do so without antagonizing your board members, or driving yourself crazy.
Keep Your Online Identity Safe
by Dingus, Lauren
Protect your domain name by taking these precautions.
Nonprofit Briefs
by Misc
A collection of brief articles with tips, research and reviews related to nonprofit management and leadership.
Sharpening Your Mission Statement
by Russell, Max T.
Is it time to redo your mission statement so that it rings bright and true?
The Best Way to Tell Your Story? Capture It on Video
by Perry, Gail
Like it or not, video is a skill that every single nonprofit leader needs to master.
The Most Costly Barriers to an Inclusive Organization
by Holder, Natalie
When you knock down these roadblocks, employee morale will soar.
The Open Office Plan: How to Gain Collaboration without Losing Concentration
by Brown, Edward G.
Help workers confront time bandits and reclaim their focus.
The Path to Avoiding State Unemployment Tax
by Gow Jr., James & Ron Lucki
Don't overlook this cost-cutting measure.
Why Nonprofits Should Stop Hoarding Cash
by Dixon, Mark
Take a close look at your cash reserves. You may be able to put your cash to much better use.

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