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Nonprofit World: July-August 2006


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A New Benefit to Offer Your Employees: Access to Housing
by Hoffman, Daniel
Housing programs benefit both nonprofit employers and their employees.
Creating an Inclusive Workplace
by Anixter
People with disabilities make a positive impact.
Do You Think "Sex" When You Hear "Harassment"?
by Myers, John
If so, you may be opening your organization to other forms of harassment lawsuits.
Get the Best Protection for Your Insurance Dollar*
by Ennevor, Harry
Fight rising insurance costs with a risk management program.
How Can You Get Rid of a Bad Board Chair?
by Weisman, Carol
Is there a way to get someone to step down without blood on the wall?
How Should You Report Rental Income?
by Kramer, Don
Don't make this mistake.
How to Develop a High-Impact Board
by Eadie, Doug
Use these criteria to rate - and improve - your board.
Nonprofit Pay Hits New High, Survey Finds
by Langer, Steven
Check your pay against updated survey information.
Nonprofits & Funders: Two Sides of the Same Coin?*
by Cruickshank, Joseph
Here are four ways funders and nonprofits can learn to speak the same language.
O Leader, Where Art Thou?*
by Keeshan, Chris
Use these insights to maximize your leadership skills.
Six Ways to Get Out of a Rut
by Lemberg, Paul
Use these tips to make a change.
Ten Ways to Raise More Funds Over the Internet*
by Austin, Gene
Use these keys to increase donations.
Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Join Your State Association
There's more to your state association than you may have thought possible.
Young People Who Make a Difference*
by Fernsler, Terrence
If you haven't yet enlisted teens for your cause, this book may inspire you to do so.

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