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Mar-Apr 2008

Online Fundraising Success Factors

Austin, Gene

Don't forget these important measures when assessing online fundraising success. If you do, you may be selling your efforts short.

May-Jun 2008

How to Choose a Nonprofit Domain Name

Robert Anderson, Ian

Make it easy for people to find you on the Internet.

Jul-Aug 2008

Exploring the Options: Online Donation Payment Choices*

Crooke, David

If you raise funds online, how will you receive the money? Here are your choices.

Jan-Feb 2007

Easy Ways to Turn Your Supporters into Fundraisers

Hagenbuch, Dana

Extend your fundraising reach with personal Web pages.

Mar-Apr 2007

Are you Exposing Your Online Donors to Credit-Card Thieves?

Crooke, David

Before you accept donations online, be sure people's credit-card numbers are secure.

May-Jun 2007

Five Technology Pitfalls for Nonprofits: Finding Cost-Effective Solutions*

Gleason, David

Are you making any of these expensive mistakes?

Sep-Oct 2007

Is It Time to Switch to E-Mail Fundraising?

Tyler, Joe

You may gain more than you expect.

Nov-Dec 2007

Google vs Yahoo: A Nonprofit Comparison

Robert Anderson, Ian

Before you invest in advertising, learn the pros and cons of the major online advertising programs.

Jan-Feb 2006

Are Your Online Donations Secure?*

Solomon, David

Don?t put your donors or your organization at risk.

Mar-Apr 2006

Why You Need a Content Management System

Beveridge, David

Without one, you may face major legal and communication problems.

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