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Nonprofit World Articles: Computers & Technology

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Jan-Feb 2002  Internet Savvy NPs: Dot-Orging Your Way to Success Andrews, Dianne et al. 
Mar-Apr 2002  NPs & Tech Consultants - Like Oil & Water?* --- 
May-Jun 2002  Improve Media Relations with Your Web Site* Lewandowski, Susan 
Nov-Dec 2002  Driving Traffic to Your Web Site* Elges, Mary 
Jan-Feb 2001  Latest High Tech Trends: Giant Leap for NPs* Feller, Gordon 
Mar-Apr 2001  Seven Steps to Privacy Protection --- 
May-Jun 2001  Making the Accounting Software Decision Frey, Don 
Jul-Aug 2001  Charitableway Gives Up on Online Giving* Feller, Gordon 
Sep-Oct 2001  Need to Update Your Information Technology? Try Service Learning* Alexander, Robin A. 
Nov-Dec 2001  Internet Content Management Systems: What's Next for Nonprofits? Bogosian, John 

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