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Mar-Apr 2012

To Blog, Or Not to Blog?

Bates, Suzanne

If you don't yet have a blog of your own, here are some factors to consider.

May-Jun 2012

How to Impress the Wired Wealthy

Henry, Jenny

Here are proven ways to attract rich philanthropists to your organization.

Jul-Aug 2012

Get People to Reply to Your E-Mails: Here's How

Harrell, Matt

It's all about the subject line.

Nov-Dec 2012

The Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Evolution

English, Rachel

Here's a great way to involve your board in raising funds.

Mar-Apr 2011

Reach New Supporters with Multichannel Tools

Bhagat, Vinay

Integrate these new channels into all your organization's efforts.

May-Jun 2011

Hearing Donors' Third Voice

Salta, Robert & Dana Heter

Technology offers smaller nonprofits a new way to "listen" to donors.

Jul-Aug 2011

Don't Take Risks with Social Media

Tenenbaum, Jeffrey S., and A.J. Zottola

Online social networks can raise legal risks. Here's what to keep in mind.

Sep-Oct 2011

The Five Biggest Web-Site Mistakes Nonprofits Make - and How to Avoid Them

Presseau, Erin

Use these tips to assure a successful Web site.

Mar-Apr 2010

Stop & Think Before You Click OK

Levinson, Nick

Be wary - very way - whenever you agree to anything online.

May-Jun 2010

Accelerating Fundraising through Social Media*

Schipul, Ed

Here's a simple way to connect with supporters through online social networks.

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