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Step 8: Start Raising Funds

I. On the lines below, write down the percent of your budget that comes from each of these sources.  If this is not a source of income for your organization, enter 0%.

% - fees
% - grants for general purposes
% - grants for specific programs
% - memberships
% - direct mail solicitation 
% - direct (person-to-person) solicitation
% - telemarketing
% - special events
% - income earned from marketing products or services
% - memorials
% - corporations
% - cause-related marketing
% - planned giving
% - in-kind contributions
% - capital or endowment campaigns
% - other 

II. What do your responses to the above exercise tell you? Does most of your budget go to one or two types of fundraising? Your aim should be to spread your budget among as many different types as possible, so that you're not dependent on anyone or two sources of income. 


III. For each of your current fundraising methods, rate each method using the Yardstick.



You now know where your fundraising efforts are already strong and where you could place more emphasis.  You are ready to start raising funds more effectively.



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