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Yardstick for Rating Each Fundraising Method


1. Answer the following questions for each fund raising method you use. Your answers will make it clear to you which fundraising methods are most effective and appropriate for your organization:

  • Last time you used this fundraising method, how much money did you raise?
  • Did this amount meet, exceed, or fail to meet your expectations?
  • How much time did both paid and volunteer staff spend on this fundraising method?
  • By how much did the money you raised exceed the total cost (including staff time)?
  • Calculate the percentage of dollars raised per volunteer hour. (For example, say you held an event and raised $1,000. Your direct expenses were $100. Volunteers and paid staff spent 30 hours on the event. The value of staff time is $10 per hour for a total of $300. Thus, the event really raised $600 or $20 per hour.)


2. Remember, money isn't the only reason for choosing a fundraising method. Answer the following non-monetary questions about each method:

  • Did your organization become more visible as a result of this fundraising method?
  • Did you discover new potential donors through this fundraising method?
  • Did you make important contacts and liaisons through this fundraising method?
  • Did this fundraising method help you improve service to your clients?
  • Did this fundraising method increase staff energy, motivation, and commitment to the organization?

All the above benefits of a fundraising method are important. Some may be even more important than raising money!

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