• Nonprofit World
    The only comprehensive national leadership, management, and governance focused magazine in the nonprofit sector. Published since 1983. A publication of the Society for Nonprofit Organizations.
  • Board Cafe
    A free electronic newsletter for members of nonprofit boards of directors published by the CompassPoint in San Fransisco. Back issues and instructions for subscribing to the newsletter can be found on the web site.
  • Chronicle of Philanthropy
    The Chronicle of Philanthropy is the newspaper of the non-profit world. Published every other week, it is the No. 1 news source for charity leaders, fund raisers, grant makers, and other people involved in the philanthropic enterprise.
  • Civic Practices Network
    A number of outstanding manuals and guides can be downloaded and printed at this site (i.e. "The Community Visioning and Strategic Planning Handbook", "Building Healthy Communities" and many others).
  • Contributions
    A how-to source for nonprofit professionals that has been published since 1985.
  • e-Volunteerism
    Combines the best characteristics of a printed professional journal with the explosive potential of Internet technology.  e-Volunteerism  caters to volunteer leaders/managers who want to go beyond the mundane in the volunteerism field.
  • Exempt Magazine
    Exempt Magazine is a print and electronic publication which covers the financial aspects of nonprofits. It is geared to CEOs, CFOs and board chairs at organizations with at least $10 million in revenue.
  • KDV Nonprofit Management Articles
    KDV is a for-profit firm of certified public accountants and management consultants providing services primarily in the seven county metropolitan area of Minneapolis Minnesota . The firm produces an electronic newsletter that features nonprofit reports, guest articles, news briefs, announcements, and links of interest to the nonprofit community. The firm also provides free access to an on-library of nonprofit reports (It simply requires a painless registration process).
  • NetAction Notes
    NetAction Notes was a free electronic newsletter, published monthly by NetAction from 1996-2003. NetAction Notes provided suggestions and advice for advocacy organizations on how to use the Internet for effective organizing and coalition-building. Back issues of NetAction Notes are still available on their site.
  • Nonprofit Issues
    A newsletter written for nonprofit executives and their advisors, they provide clear, concise and comprehensive coverage of real legal issues that affect nonprofits everyday.
  • Philanthropy Journal
    A free online news publication published by the A.J. Fletcher Foundation in Raleigh , North Carolina . It covers state, national, and international news about fundraising, giving, managing, volunteering and technology in the philanthropic and nonprofit community. It also has job postings and a free weekly e-mail bulletin.
  • Philanthropy News Digest
    Philanthropy News Digest, a weekly news service of the Foundation Center , is a compendium, in digest form, of philanthropy-related articles and features culled from print and electronic media outlets nationwide. Subscribe to the email version via the web site.
  • The Grantsmanship Center: Magazine
    The free TGCI Magazine is packed with information on how to plan, manage, staff and fund the programs of nonprofit organizations and government agencies.
  • The NonProfit Times
    The leading publication for nonprofit management.

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