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Nonprofit World: May-June 1987


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Compensation in the Nonprofit Sector
by Young, Dennis
Category: Personnel / Salaries
Educational Criteria Published
by Hopkins, Bruce
Category: Law & Taxation / Education
Emergency Loan Fund Keeps Cash on Hand
Category: Fundraising / Loans
How to Create a Business Plan for Your Nonprofit Venture
by Massarsky, Cynthia
Category: Enterprise / Business Plans
How to Reduce Your Energy Costs
by Rudin, Andrew
Category: Accounting / Energy Costs
Income from Journal Tax-Exempt?
Category: Law & Taxation / Tax Exemption
Increase Your Board's Fundraising
by Fletcher, Kathleen Brown
Category: Fundraising / Boards
Increase Your Board's Fundraising
by Fletcher, Kathleen Brown
Category: Boards / Fundraising
Making Your Computer Commitment
by Moldoff, David
Category: Computers / Purchasing
The Languages of Accounting & How to Use...
by Smith, G. Stevenson
Category: Accounting
The Power of the Unexpected: Raising Money with Special Appeals
by Murdock, Richard
Category: Fundraising / Special Appeals

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