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Louis Calder Foundation




The Foundationís grantmaking is focused on education reform. The Foundation supports academic programs throughout the country that offer families alternatives to underperforming public schools. The Foundation believes that charter and parochial schools have produced meaningful results over time by emphasizing academic achievement as their primary focus and utilizing a content-rich, traditional liberal arts curriculum that builds on a uniform base of knowledge and a common curriculum that provides a rich and relevant context for learning and skill acquisition. The Foundation currently utilizes four strategies to support its overall grantmaking: charter and parochial schools; teacher and leadership development; public policy, and capital projects. Current funding priorities include the development of new charter and independent faith-based K-12 schools; expansion of existing, high-performing charter management organizations and diocesan schools; teacher and leadership development; and school capital projects. Applicants are encouraged to send a letter of inquiry first. Additional information can be found on the Web site.

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