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The George B. Storer Foundation




The Foundation is a legacy of its namesake, George B. Storer, who was a pioneer in the field of radio and television broadcasting. The Foundation’s mission is to promote an ecologically rich and economically prosperous future for current and future generations. The Foundation believes in protecting natural resources that support healthy economies, and in equipping and empowering future generations future generations to be strong leaders, engaged citizens and good stewards of those resources. The Foundation pursues its mission in three areas: Early Childhood Education, Wyoming Landscapes and Communities, and Conservation Economics. Early Childhood Education grants support projects that demonstrate some or all of the following strategies: improving teacher quality, facilitating the sharing of best practices, and using place as an integrating concept for learning. Wyoming Communities and Landscapes grants support projects that protect Wyoming’s important landscapes and wildlife, build strong communities, and inspire civic leadership and engagement. Conservation Economics grants seek to promote the responsible management of public lands by balancing the need for energy resources that provide clean air and water, support wildlife and recreation, and are necessary for a diverse and thriving economy. Additional information can be found on the Web site.

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