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The Fund concentrates its funding in five areas: developmental disabilities, environment, reproductive health, human rights, and job opportunities. Developmental disabilities grants focus on children who are born mentally retarded and emotionally disturbed. Environment grants target energy production and consumption; climate change; ongoing toxic contamination of the air, soil, and water; and bioaccumulative toxins. Reproductive health grants are limited to projects that contribute, directly or indirectly, to long-term reductions in population growth and the protection of reproductive rights. Human rights grants are prioritized for projects first in Latin America and then in the United States. Latin American countries include Colombia, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Peru, and Venezuela. Job opportunity grants are earmarked solely for organizations in the Northeastern United States, from New Jersey to Maine. Of particular interest are pilot projects with potential for widespread application, advocacy including litigation; those capable of setting or protecting important precedents; and smaller organizations. Letters of inquiry are requested.

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