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The Foundation is committed to keeping America’s musical future alive for future generations by supporting comprehensive programs that nurture the creation, performance, study, and teaching of music. Grants are awarded to Association and non-Association members as well as affiliate organizations in the following categories: Program Enrichment, Teacher Enrichment, Affiliate Matching, Local Association Start-up, and Collegiate Chapter. Program Enrichment grants are provided to organizations seeking “seed funds” to assist with the creation of grant application materials that can lead to more funding from other organizations. Teacher Enrichment grants are provided to music teachers for private study, specific college-level coursework or other projects that will enhance the performing and teaching skills of the applicant. Affiliate Matching grants are available to MNTA affiliated Local Associations and State Affiliates. These matching grants provide assistance for projects and programs that provide professional and educational development as well as promotion of music in the state and community. Local Association Start-up grants are awarded to newly forming MTNA-affiliated local associations for projects that provide educational opportunities for students and teachers as well as for project that support the promotion of music in the immediate community. Collegiate Chapter grants provide financial assistance to individual collegiate members to attend a national event, or provide financial assistance to MTNA Collegiate Chapters for the development of the Chapter’s presence in the community. The date is for the Program Enrichment grants. Other grants have varied deadlines. Some additional information can be found on the Web site.

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