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The Waterloo Foundation




The Foundation is an independent, grantmaking Foundation created in 2007 and based in Cardiff, Wales with funds from two of the founders of the insurance group Admiral. The Foundation awards grants to organizations in both the United Kingdom and worldwide. Grants are awarded for projects in its four core programs: world development, the environment, child development, and Wales. World development grants supports two principal themes to help achieve the goal of helping the economically disadvantaged build the basis of sustainable prosperity. These themes are: supporting an individualís ability to access a high quality education and supporting communities to have access to clean drinking water, sanitation, and hygiene. Environmental grants are awarded in two areas: marine, specifically support for projects working to halt declining fish stock; and tropical forests, specifically support for projects protecting tropical rain forest, principally through avoided deforestation. Child development grants support the Foundationís interests in the psychological and behavioral development of children. Grants are awarded for research, the dissemination of research, and intervention projects. For 2014, the research topic is One Brain. Grants in the Wales program support three areas: Caring Wales, Working Wales, and Community Energy in Wales. Grants for Caring Wales are not being accepted at this time. Detailed information can be found on the Web site.

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