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Firedoll Foundation




The Foundation, named for the foundersí two cats, Fireworks and Dolly, supports a variety of programs and area mainly in the U.S. Grantmaking is targeted toward community development and entrepreneurship, immigrant issues and human rights, environmental conservation, the peace process in the Middle East, and survivors of traumatic brain injury. Community development and entrepreneurship and immigration/human rights grants are targeted toward organizations located on the Alameda and Contra Costa counties of the San Francisco Bay Area. Environmental conservation grants are targeted toward programs in Northern California. This program is closed for 2013. Middle East peace process grants fund organizations, which agree that the people of Palestine and Israel have the right to share their ancient homeland in peace. Grants are awarded to U.S.-based or U.S.-fiscally sponsored organizations providing relief in Gaza and the West Bank. Traumatic brain injury grants are generally awarded to organizations in California. Middle East peace process and traumatic brain injury requests may be submitted at any time. Additional information can be found on the Web site.

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