Mccarthey Dressman Education Foundation

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Founded by two professors at the University of Illinois-Champaign, the Foundation serves as a catalyst in maximizing the skills and creativity of educators at the K-12 levels and in cultivating pioneering approaches to teaching that result in dynamic student learning. The Foundation awards three types of grants: academic enrichment, teacher development, and student teaching scholarships. Academic enrichment grants provides funding for in-class and extracurricular programs that nurture the intellectual, artistic, and creative abilities of pre K to 12 grade students from low-income households. Teacher development grants provide funding to individuals or small teams of teachers in the formation and implementation of groundbreaking collaborative K-12 classroom instruction. Student teaching scholarships provide financial and one-on-one mentoring by Foundation members to student teachers in their final year of teacher education programs at New Mexico State University, the University of California-Santa Cruz, the University of Texas at Austin, and West Virginia University. Curriculum that excites and challenges; inquiry projects that promote reflection and growth; and after-school programs that enrich and inspire are the Foundationís three priorities. Additional information can be found on the Web site.

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