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The Foundation and Theatre Communications Group, a national membership organization that works to strengthen, nurture, and promote the professional, nonprofit American theater, are accepting applications from Group member theaters for the A-ha! Program. The program is designed to enable theaters to try new approaches to solving artistic, managerial, production, and/or technological challenges. Think It grants (up to $25,000 each) provide theater professionals with the time and space for research and development. Do It grants (up to $50,000 each) support the implementation and testing of new ideas. The Programís objective is to have theater members identify strategies that will be major catalysts for change to the theater, rather than strategies that bring about minimal change. Proposals from theaters seeking to test an idea that is new to them but not to the field will be accepted. Preference is given to projects that break from the organizationís previous practice and have the best chance at long-term field-wide impact over a longer period of time. Additional information including details on the two grant categories can be found on the Web site.

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