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Gulf Coast Fund For Community Renewal And Ecological Health




The Fund, a special project of Rockefeller Philanthrophy Advisors, is dedicated to supporting progressive movement building throughout the Gulf Coast region. The BP Oil Drilling Disaster Emergency Response Fund seeks to identify resources and provide emergency grants to coastal communities affected by the disaster. The Fund is providing emergency grants to organizations on the ground engaged in first response work including independent analysis of the chemical and toxic properties of the oil and containment efforts; monitoring coastal areas for the first signs of landfall; and notifying coastal communities what to look for, which agencies to contact, and how. Grants have also been awarded for monitoring and documenting impacts; providing guidance to responding agencies; and assessing economic damage to fishing communities and estuaries. Special priority is given to organizations engaged in community-led responses focused on building community capacity; independent monitoring and documentation; providing impacted communities with access to key information and decision-makers; and organizing and advocacy for communities most impacted by the disaster. Joint collaborations across the region are encouraged. Grants are awarded monthly. Additional information can be found on the Web site.

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