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The Achelis And Bodman Foundations




The Foundations award grants over six program areas -- arts and culture, education, employment, health, public policy, and youth and family. Arts and culture grants support New York City organizations that promote and sustain traditional concepts of artistic excellence. Education grants have funded charter schools, voucher programs, scholarships to parochial schools, and research that examines the impact of competition and other factors on K-12 educational performance. The Foundations also seek to promote intellectual excellence and balance at American colleges and universities. Employment grants support programs that emphasize the private sector and entrepreneurship when dealing with chronic unemployment or underemployment. Health grants support the health needs of poor children, the disabled, and other disadvantaged populations. Public policy grants cover a broad range of issues guided by a belief in the merits of economic and political liberty, free enterprise, and personal responsibility. Youth and families grants support programs that boost academic achievement, provide positive recreational and educational activities for disadvantaged young people, promote good character and values, preserve families, and encourage responsible parenting. Grants are awarded to programs located in New York City and in northern New Jersey. Additional information can be found on the Web site.

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