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Women and children are of particular interest to the Foundation. Programs that make a significant difference in empowering women and children to improve the quality of their lives and/or that eliminate barriers that prevent success for them are of interest. Project interests include: empowering single mothers and women/children living in poverty, violent, or at-risk situations; services for immediate and critical needs; empowering women and/or children to build assets and promote resiliency; work on prevention; develop greater self-respect and self-sufficiency; develop personal, educational, professional, and leadership skills; provide access to/training or mentoring for greater educational and economic development; and provide supervised educational experiences for underserved children/youth. Letters of inquiry are requested and should be no longer than 1 to 2 pages. They’re accepted any time. No e-mail or faxed inquiries accepted nor Fed-Ex or UPS. Only postal mail accepted. Organizations in Minnesota, and Oregon are eligible to apply.

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