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The Company’s Big Green Grants Program is a unique funding initiative that teams up kids and adults to help bring resources to their community. Projects that inspire kids to take care of the environment, be active and live healthier, and engage in community service, are of particular interest. Adults complete the application form and kids include essays and/or artwork explaining why this project is important to them and their school, club, after-school program, or community. Applicants must explain how the proposed project will benefit or enhance the learning experience of kids, as well as its relevance to the environment, being active and living healthy, and/or community service. Funds must be used to support the proposed project outlined in the application. Applicants also must host a Big Green Help environmental project or participate in the Worldwide Day of Play in 2009 and provide tangible documentation of the activities. Documentation must come in the form of video, photographs, or drawings. Supporting documentation, including press clippings, letters/proclamations from mayors, administrators, or other elected officials are welcome. Schools and community-based organizations can apply for one of two grants: $2,500 grant for an environmentally friendly project or $5,000 for an environmentally friendly project. To request $5,000, applicants must provide a 1-to-1dollar-to-dollar match from another sponsor/funding source. Additional information including an online grant application can be found on the Web site.

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