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Howard Bowers Fund For Consumer Cooperatives




The Fund is part of the family of funds of the Cooperative Development Foundation. The Foundation advances economic development through cooperative enterprises. The Bowers Fund has several objectives. One is to promote and develop consumer-owned food cooperatives and consumer cooperative education in the United States. The Fund also encourages and trains people to pursue careers in the management of consumer-owned food cooperatives and provides education programs for staff, board, and managers of consumer cooperatives. Grantmaking is targeted at conference and training registrations and scholarships, the development of training materials, and leadership training. Grantmaking criteria include the location of the applicant or of those who will benefit from the grant. The Fund is interested in supporting programs with a regional or national impact. The Fund also considers whether the applicant is an individual or an organization. The Fund seeks to award grants to benefit the greatest number of people. And it considers the applicantís size, financial situation, and potential resources of the co-op or organization. A board of trustees governs the Fund. The board meets quarterly, usually in late January, April, July, and October. Grants are considered at these meetings and applications may be submitted electronically or on paper. All applications received after the 15th of one quarter will be considered at the trustee meeting at the end of the next quarter. Additional information can be found on the Web site.

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