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Royal Bank Of Canada




The Bankís Blue Water Project will provide $50 million over 10 years to support charitable initiatives that foster a culture of water stewardship. Grants are awarded to programs that address watershed protection and access to clean drinking water. RBCís goal is to make a measurable, meaningful social and environmental impact through the project. Watershed protection grants focus on programs ensuring that watersheds, particularly those that are heavily affected by human use, continue to provide ecosystem services such as drinking water supply, critical habitat for plants and animals, areas of natural beauty, use of water for cultural purposes, and water bodies for recreation. Access to Safe Drinking Water grants focus on programs that ensure communities, particularly rural and indigenous ones, have access to clean, safe drinking water when and where itís needed. The Project awards funds in three areas: Visionary grants, Leadership grants, and Community Action grants. Visionary grants are significant grants to global organizations that show vision, foresight, and innovation. These grants support programs around the world related to watershed preservation, access to safe drinking water, and those that provide education and awareness on these issues. Unsolicited applications will not be accepted for Visionary grants. Leadership grants focus on watershed protection and/or access to safe drinking water. They are available to local, regional, national, or trans-border organizations for projects in any of the countries in which RBC is located (Canada, the United States, the Caribbean, and the United Kingdom). Deadlines for this grant are June 30 and March 1. Community Action grants are focused on watershed protection and are available to local or community organizations in Canada, the United States, or the Caribbean. Applications for these grants are accepted year-round. Additional information including a project grant application form can be found on the Web site.

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