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Jan-Feb 1988  Marketing Savvy Quiz: Test Yourself Lant, Jeffrey 
Jan-Feb 1988  Finessing City Hall Setterberg, Fred & K. Schulman 
Nov-Dec 1988  The Four Ps of Nonprofit Marketing Yudelson, Julian 
Jan-Feb 1987  Communication Dynamics: Send a Congruent Message Neddermeyer, Dorothy 
Jan-Feb 1986  Universities Offer Marketing Research Key De Los Santos, Gilberto 
Jan-Feb 1986  Increase Your Organization's Public Recognition & Support Zappone, Donald 
Mar-Apr 1986  Maintaining Support Through Marketing DeVos, Karen 
May-Jun 1986  Marketing Planning for Nonprofit Organizations Johnson, Eugene 
May-Jun 1986  Writer's Block: Is There a Cure? Joseph, Buck 
May-Jun 1986  Creating Your Brochure Pietzner, Cornelius 

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