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    Marketing - Learn the fundamentals of marketing with Karen Fox.

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    Avoid the L Word - Author: Russell, Max T., Vol 37, 2019
    Get to the Point Fast - Author: Russell, Max T., Vol 37, 2019
    Your Best Publicity Asset? Your Staff - Author: Trahan, Russell, Vol 36, 2018
    Newsletter Strategies that Will Open Donors' Hearts & Wallets - Author: Perry, Gail, Vol 36, 2018
    Do You Need a Translator? Make Sure People Understand Your Message - Author: Baird, Matt, Vol 36, 2018
    PSAs Are Not "Announcements" - Author: Husak, Chuck, Vol 36, 2018
    Keep the Main Thing Up Front - Author: Russell, Max T., Vol 36, 2018
    The Best Way to Tell Your Story? Capture It on Video - Author: Perry, Gail, Vol 35, 2017
    How to Fit into the News - Author: Friedman, Rachel, Vol 35, 2017
    Sharpening Your Mission Statement - Author: Russell, Max T., Vol 35, 2017

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