Nonprofit World: November-December 1990


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Can a Nonprofit's Ad Income Be Taxed?
by Hopkins, Bruce
Category: Law & Taxation / Ad Income
Case Study in Business & Mission
by Landy, Laura
Category: Enterprise / Mission
How Much May Donors Deduct?
Category: Law & Taxation / Donations
Making the Best Decision: Steps to Take, Methods to Avoid
by Schwartz, Andrew & Joy Levin
Category: Management / Decision Making
NP Management Education Comes of Age
by Young, Dennis
Category: Management / Education
Planning by a Nonprofit Should Be Very Businesslike
by Nelson, Richard
Category: Planning
Should We Start a Membership Program?
by Millspaugh, F. & P. Caeser
Category: Fundraising / Membership
The Missing Exchange in Special Events
by Reid, Russ
Category: Fundraising / Special Events
Toward a Brave New World
by Eldridge, Tracy
Category: Profiles in Excellence / Global Action
When Worse Comes to Worst: Terminating the Executive Director
by Fram, Eugene & Robert Pearse
Category: Personnel / Executive Director

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