Nonprofit World: November-December 1988


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A Study in Nonprofit Entrepreneurship
by Wilson, Leslie
Category: Enterprise
Anatomy of a Fund Drive
Category: Fundraising / Fund Drives
Final Gift Substantiation Rules Issued
by Hopkins, Bruce
Category: Law & Taxation / Donations
Financial Management in the Nonprofit Organization
by Haines, D. & J. Listro
Category: Accounting / Fin. Management
Planned Giving in a One-Person Shop
by Ashton, Debra
Category: Fundraising / Planned Giving
Starting a Fundraising Program Without Any Funds
by Vitola, Mary & Judith Chiti
Category: Fundraising / Programs
The Audit Committee: Why You Need One, How...
by Ross, Frank
Category: Accounting / Audits
The Four Ps of Nonprofit Marketing
by Yudelson, Julian
Category: Marketing
Too Precious to Lose: Protecting Your Data on Floppies
by Archibald, Dale
Category: Computers / Data Protection
Where Are You & Where Do You Think You're Going?
by Espy, Siri
Category: Planning / Strategic Plans

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