Nonprofit World: November-December 1986


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Back to the Future: Human Resources Planning for Nonprofits
by Potter, Roberto Hugh
Category: Personnel / Planning
Blending Trainer & Participant Styles of Learning
by Kravitz, Sandra & Ronald McKee
Category: Volunteers / Training
Choosing the Right Computer
by Markworth, John
Category: Computers / Purchasing
Eight Steps to a Business Venture
by Skloot, Edward
Category: Enterprise / Business Ventures
Getting Your Message on the Air
by Pietzner, Cornelius
Category: Communications / Electronic Media
How to Write a Development Plan
by Sefcik, James
Category: Fundraising / Devpt. Plans
Management of the Nonprofit Surplus
by Gray, A.C. Gregory
Category: Accounting / Surplus Funds
New Tax Act: What Does It Mean for Charitable Giving?
by Hickox, C. & J. Matoney
Category: Law & Taxation / Donations
Nonprofit Boards: They're Going Corporate
by Fram, Eugene
Category: Boards / Corporate
Nonprofits Facing Wide Range of Tax Controversies
by Hopkins, Bruce
Category: Law & Taxation / Taxation

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