Nonprofit World: November-December 2010


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Think, Dream, and Do*

LaBrosse, Michelle

Are you ready to open yourself to all the possibilities of the universe? Here are eight secrets to leadership and life.


Divided We Lose

Glasrud, Bruce

Conservatives aren't the enemy. They're a valuable part of our compassionate community. Let's be sure to treat them that way.


Can Nonprofit Workers Expect Raises?

Temkin, Terrie

What salary increases are in the cards?


The Challenge of Sustaining a Grant-Funded Program

Minnis, William C.

Don't get caught in the catch-22 of sustainability. Here's how to look at the concept in a whole new way.


What Makes Your Board Members Tick?*

Oliver, Erika

You need to know the answer if you want to build a committed board.


Are You Prepared for the Multigenerational Workplace?

Kunreuther, Frances

Your organization's success depends on taking true advantage of all that each generation offers.


Who Are the Young Leaders?

Davis, Emily

Where are the next generation of nonprofit leaders, and what are they doing?


Keeping Your Best & Brightest Workers

Everton, Wendi

First understand why they leave. Then use these tips to make sure they stay.


How to Improve the Process of Change: The Sanctuary Model*

McSparren, Wendy M. & Darlene Y. Motley

This new model will help you fine-tune change in your organization.


Do You Have the Skills of a Servant-Leader?

Norman Burrell, Darrell & Brian C. Grizzell

Assess yourself.


Reach Out Aggressively: A Lesson from The Blind Visionary

Eadie, Doug

An amazing CEO shares secrets for success.

Law & Taxation

Legal Advice on Using the New Media

Hailey, Gary D. & Mikhia E. Hawkins

New rules give guidance on how to avoid liability when using social media and other new technologies.


Tips for Choosing Relationship-Management Software*

Moonah, Jay

When managing relationships with your supporters, consider the advantages of Web-based software.

Relevant Reviews

Move a Statue, Not a Stone*

Fernsler, Terrence

Few of us are trained in these day-to-day functions. But performing them well makes all the difference.

Nonprofit Briefs

Nonprofit Briefs*


A collection of brief articles with tips, research and reviews related to nonprofit management and leadership.

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