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Nonprofit World: November-December 2007


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Charitable Trusts: Focusing on Those Most Likely to Give*
by Bush, Natalie & David Lawson
Boost contributions with this multi-dimensional approach to identifying donors.
Empower Your Employees to be Mini-Marketers
by Keefe, Linda
Help your employees embrace an entrepreneurial spirit that lets your organization shine.
Four Myths about Attorney-Client Privilege*
by Friedman Griesing, Francine
Here?s what you need to know when you talk to your organization?s counsel.
Good Cash Management Shows Good Stewardship
by Hardy Robinson, Jean
Could you be throwing away thousands of dollars a year? Here?s what every CEO needs to know.
Google vs Yahoo: A Nonprofit Comparison
by Robert Anderson, Ian
Before you invest in advertising, learn the pros and cons of the major online advertising programs.
High-Performing Organizations Must Be Ethical*
by Fernsler, Terrence
To transform your organization, you need to translate ethical theory into action.
How Large a Grant Can you Receive?
by Kramer, Don
Does ?tipping? forbid a foundation from making too large a grant to your organization?
How to Get It Done*
by LaBrosse, Michelle
Here?s how to complete your projects in record time.
How to Prepare Board Members to Govern Effectively
by Eadie, Doug
You need to go beyond the traditional orientation for new board members.
Is It Better Not to Mail in the Summer?
by Warwick, Mal
If you don?t receive many donations during the summer, should you still mail fundraising requests during those months?
Managing Your Volunteers: 19 Ways to Work Wonders
by Levinson, Nick
It's time to take a new look at volunteer productivity.
Six Ways to Cut Risk and Comply with the Law
by Cameron, Jennifer
Don?t wait till a lawsuit derails your organization. Take these steps now.
Your Mission, If You Choose to Accept It*
by Grinnell, Robin L.
The future is coming. Are you ready?

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