Nonprofit World: November-December 2006


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Should You List Your Board on the Letterhead?

Warwick, Mal

Will you get a better or worse response to your direct mail if you cite your board on the letter?


Must You Open Your Board Meetings to the Public?*

Kramer, Don

Are nonprofit boards obliged to invite the public to attend?


The New Work of Foundations: How You Can Benefit


Here's what foundation leaders have to say.


How to Partner for Success


Here are the most crucial lessons learned by successful nonprofit partners.


Cynicism Rx: Authentic Communication*

Crowley, Elaine

Are mistrust and hidden agendas subverting your messages? Use these keys to make your words matter.


Improving Board Meetings: Three Steps for Success

Bazan, Stan

Use this checklist to gain the maximum impact from your meetings.


Meeting Community Needs: Nonprofit & Government in Partnership

Greeley, Erica

This case study highlights a way to boost your organization's impact.


Retirees Provide Management Savvy for Nonprofit*


Turn to this resource when you need sophisticated management talent without a big price tag.

Law & Taxation

How to Conduct Discipline Interviews

Sroypetch, Nion & Brian Kleiner

it's the best way to defuse ticking time bombs and avoid employee lawsuits. Here are steps to take.


Monitoring Your Organization's Financial Health: A CEO's Guide

Hardy Robinson, Jean

Are you on the right financial track? Take these steps to be sure.

Book Reviews

Setting Up Nonprofit Enterprises*

Fernsler, Terrence

Here are lessons from experts on nonprofit earned-income ventures.

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