Nonprofit World: November-December 2000


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Baby Boomers Aren't Filling Charity Gap*
Category: Fundraising / Baby Boomers
Board Member's First Duty: Accountability
by Howe, Fisher
Category: Boards / Accountability
Brave New Workers in a Brave New Workplace*
by Glasrud, Bruce
Category: Future Trends / Workplace
Critical Shift: The Future of Quality in Org. Performance
by Silverman, Lori
Category: Management / TQM
How to Protect Your Org from Desktop Publishing Fraud
by Lambert, Joyce & J Incaprera
Category: Law & Taxation / Fraud
Make a Note of It: Wit & Wisdom for Fundraisers*
by Fernsler, Terrence
Category: Book Reviews / Wit & Wisdom
Negative Publicity: Do Nonprofits Have a Plan?*
by Nakra, Prema
Category: Public Relations / Negative Publicity
Nonprofit or Not-for-Profit--Which Are You?
by Alvarado, Elliott
Category: Law & Taxation / Terminology
TOM: How the Q Lost Its Tail
by Silverman, Lori
Category: Management / TQM

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