Nonprofit World: November-December 1996


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Are You Ready for Risk-Based Auditing?
by Zack, Gerard
Category: Accounting / OMB Audits
Avoiding Snares of Intermediate Sanctions
by Schmidt, Sarah
Category: Law & Taxation / Intermediate Sanctions
Building Donor Relations: Enter Database Marketing*
by Taylor, S. & Mitchell, M.
Category: Computers / Database Marketing
Community Wide Consensus? It Can Happen!
by National Civic League, Denver
Category: Management / Consensus
Community-Wide Consensus? It Can Happen!*
by Nat. Civic League, Denver
Category: Profiles in Excellence / Communities
If It's Not in Minutes, Did It Happen?
by Hodgkin, Christopher
Category: Boards / Minutes
Put Gov. on a Tax Diet with a CRT
by Lang, John
Category: Fundraising / CRTs
Seven Steps to Forming New Chapters*
by Gibelman, Margaret
Category: Management / Chapter Formation
What Does Feedback Have to Do with Governance?
by Young, Dennis
Category: Boards / Feedback
Winning Grants Step by Step*
by Fernsler, Terrence
Category: Book Reviews / Grants

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