Nonprofit World: September-October 1989


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Are You Making the Most of that Intern?
by Schwartz, Andrew
Category: Personnel / Interns
Break-Even Analysis
by Razek, Joseph
Category: Accounting / Fin. Management
Employee or Independent: How to Tell?
by Lane, Marc
Category: Law & Taxation / IRS
IRS Unveils New Annual Reporting Requirements
by Hopkins, Bruce
Category: Law & Taxation / IRS
Learning the Ropes: Orienting New Members
by Swanson, Andrew
Category: Boards / Orientation
New Standards for Your CPA Firm
by Gesbeck, Howard
Category: Law & Taxation / CPA
Put Your Annual Report on Video
by Field, Edwin
Category: Communications / Video
Taking Risks, Changing Perceptions: Nonprofits Confront...
by Quinn, Tom
Category: Profiles in Excellence / Housing
The 12 Worst Fundraising Errors: How to Avoid Them
by Lant, Jeffrey
Category: Fundraising / Errors

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