Nonprofit World: September-October 2013


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Bundle Up! Is Price Bundling Right for Your Organization?*
by Mitchell, Mark, Michael Collins & Taylor Damonte
Here's a new look at collaboration as a way to increase your bottom line.
Cultivating Next-Gen Board Members*
by Davis, Emily
When diversifying your board, don't forget to include young people.
Does the Federal Government Owe You Tens of Thousands of Dollars?
by Gammon & Grange
Here's how to claim the health-care credit for your organization.
Don't Skip the Boring Part: Nonprofits Can't Afford to Ignore HR Issues
by Craigie, Alex & Ranlyn Tilley Hill
How can your organization avoid costly lawsuits? Here's invaluable advice from the experts.
Ergonomics: What Does It Mean for You?
by Cooper, Chad & Brian H. Kleiner
Increase productivity (and head off workers' comp claims) with these steps.
Great Policies & Procedures for Your Organization*
by Shanker, Sheila
They're the cornerstone on which everything else rests. Be sure they're as solid as they can be.
Lightning and Thunder: Making Partnerships Work for You
by Eber Davis, Karen
Oil and vinegar? Zombies and ballet? An orchestra and a hockey team? Have you ever created a surprising partnership to change your image and reach your goals?
Motivating Volunteers to Perform
by Rafe, Stephen C.
How to get volunteers to honor their commitments and feel fulfilled.
Nonprofit Briefs*
by Misc
A collection of brief articles with tips, research and reviews related to nonprofit management and leadership.
Protecting against Fraud
by Minogue, Anne Marie
Don't let cheats and swindlers tarnish your organization. And don't think it couldn't happen to you.
Simplify Benchmarking to Raise More Funds
by Mallinger Reinartz, Amanda
Using built-in tools can make the process easier.
The How and Why of Research*
by Fernsler, Terrence
Pluck pearls of wisdom from a sea of data.
The Nonprofit Overhead Myth - Devil in the Details?
by Fram, Eugene
A frank discussion of the overhead myth may impact the very survival of nonprofits.
The Not-So-Grand Grant: When the Best Response May Be "No Thanks"
by Applebaum, Terry L.
Why you should always look a gift horse in the mouth, and how to do it.

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