Nonprofit World: September-October 1985


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Building a Quality Board
by Schleck, Roth
Category: Boards / Responsibility
Contract & Fee for a Professional Fundraiser
Category: Fundraising / Contracts
Direct Mail Acquisition: Three Strategic Factors
by Gaffny, Tom
Category: Fundraising / Direct Mail
Proposed Tax Reform: Its Impact on Nonprofits
by Gray, A. C. Gregory
Category: Law & Taxation / Tax Reform
Purpose, Results, Key Indicators, Feedback
by DeVos, Karen
Category: Management
Straight Talk from Foundations & Corporations
by Hutchinson, Bill & Ann Otter
Category: Fundraising / Grants
Take the Challenge
by Sidler, Mark
Category: Computers / Software
The Nonprofit Entrepreneur: A Code of Ethics?
by Wrolstad, Marwin
Category: Ethics / Enterprise

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