Nonprofit World: September-October 2009


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Beyond the Board Package
by Clark, Della
Technology has revolutionized board-meeting preparation. Here's how to tap into these innovations.
Can You Save Money by Using Volunteers Rather than Paid Staff?*
by Ellis, Susan
Is replacing paid staff with volunteers a good way to cope with budget cuts?
CLAT-ILIT: A Way Donors Can Give Both Now and in the Future*
by Simon, Frank & Brenda Ray
Here's how to help donors ensure their heirs' security while making an irrevocable gift to your organization.
Decisions, Decisions*
by Fernsler, Terrence
Key trends promise to affect the way you make decisions about your organization.
Diversity, Diversity, Everyone Wants Diversity
by Temkin, Terrie
What are the best ways to add diversity to your board?
How to Tell Your Volunteers Good-bye*
by Fox, Mark & Lindsay Sheehan
You can make it a constructive experience for everyone involved.
I Think I.T. Can, I Think I.T. Can
by Kayhko, Chrissy
The e-philanthropy revolution helps even small nonprofits increase support by embracing technology.
I've Been Thinking about .. .Fund Development Strategies
by Golensky, Martha
Have you seen a drop in donations? An expert fundraiser shares her advice.
Nonprofit Compensation: To Pay or Not to Pay?
by Ronza, Peter
Does your total-reward program ensure your organization has the talent it needs?
What's Your Alliance IQ?
by Rigsbee, Ed
Use these questions and tools to decide if you're on track to a successful alliance.
Work with the Best: How to Find the Employees You Need
by Froschheiser, Lee
To avoid staff turnover, try this proactive approach.

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