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Nonprofit World: September-October 2008


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Cultural Competence: What Does It Mean for You?
by Epstein, Julia
It's a skill your employees need to learn. Make sure you're up to speed.
Defeating Delays*
by Wetmore, Donald E.
You can't always avoid them, but you can make them constructive.
Do You Know Where Your Goals Are?
by LaBrosse, Michelle
How can you be sure you're on track? Check and update your goals.
Make Holiday Magic with Your Direct Mail*
by Gaillard, Ted
Use these tips for the holiday season and throughout the year.
Managing the Small Nonprofit
by Quirk, Mary and Bonnie Watkins
How to be successfully small.
Never Enough Time
by Lemberg, Paul
What if there were an alternative to to-do lists, one which focuses you on what's important and lets you dump the rest?
One Foundation's Legal Battle: A Cautionary Tale for All Nonprofits*
by Woodruff, Joseph
As absorbing as a mystery story and full of lessons for every nonprofit, this saga includes heroes and villains, plot twists, and an ending in which justice prevails. Here's a birds-eye view from a lawyer involved in the case.
Ten Questions to Ask When Invited to Join a Board
by Carver, Miriam
Every board member should know the answers.
Three Simple Steps to Activate Your Strategic Plan*
by Gee, Michele V.
Creating your plan is just the first step. Here's how to put that plan to good use.
Using Evaluation to Improve Your Services*
by Fernsler, Terrence
Three books help you decide whether your programs are making a difference.
Why Be Boring When You Can Celebrate in So Many Ways?
by Ellis, Susan J.
Here's why to get rid of those formal volunteer banquets - and what to do instead.

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