Nonprofit World: September-October 2006


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Bring a List of Names to the Next Meeting*
by Block, Jean
Here?s a foolproof way to get your board to raise funds.
Building a Great Organization from Within
by Holmes, Chet
Use your employees to find and fix problems.
Confronting the Unethical Boss
by Harrison, Bill
What should you do if you suspect unethical fundraising tactics?
Front-Line Nonprofits Urge Greater Unity
by Alvarado, Audrey
What?s your vision for the nonprofit sector? Here?s a chance to add your voice.
Hiring a Concern? Learn What Talent Magnets Do*
by Bergeron, Carol
Here are the five most powerful keys to hiring the best people.
How to Captivate Donors' Hearts*
by Diamond, William
A celebrated nonprofit shares three secrets to success.
How to Write Excellent Human Resource Policies
by Kleiner, Brian & J Ellerman
Don?t wait till it?s too late. Craft policies to clarify questions before they arise.
Monitoring Nonprofits for Fraud*
by Fernsler, Terrence
Here is vital reading for anyone who oversees a nonprofit organization.
Needed: A Better Grasp of Strategic Planning
by Craft, Ralph & Ronald Benson
Answer these questions to create a strategic plan that?ll make your vision a reality.
Not Taught in Business Schools: Cultivate Creative Leading
by Shenkman, Michael
Have you separated your personal and creative life from your professional life?

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