Nonprofit World: September-October 1999


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Beyond Database: Future of NP Computing
by Glasrud, Bruce
Category: Future Trends / Computers
Budget Building Book for NPs*
by Fernsler, Terrence
Category: Book Reviews / Budgeting
Do You Need a Coach?
by Adams, Tom
Category: Management / Coach
Earn People's Loyalty: Here's How*
by Tucker, Robert
Category: Management / Customer Service
Exit Interview: Entrepreneurial Tool for Board Improvement
by Dosamantes, David
Category: Boards / Exit Interview
Five Steps to Start Measuring Outcomes
by Vogt, Jean
Category: Management / Outcome Measurement
How to Conduct Focus Groups
by Simon, Judy Sharken
Category: Marketing / Focus Groups
Public Disclosure Takes on New Dimensions
by Schmidt, Sarah
Category: Law & Taxation / Disclosure
Tell Me a Story: Using Case Studies to Discover Unmet Needs*
by Berstell Gerald & D Nitterhous
Category: Marketing / Case Studies
The Moral Case for Promotion*
by Levine, Michael
Category: Enterprise / Promotion
Where Can You Find Good Board Members?
by Weisman, Carol
Category: Boards / Recruitment

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