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Nonprofit World: July-August 1990


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A Nonprofit's Motivation to Reduce Energy...
by Rudin, Andrew
Category: Accounting / Budgeting
Can We Hire Two Executive Directors?
by Fram, Eugene
Category: Personnel / Executive Director
Exempt Status Options: Which Is Best?
by Lane, Marc
Category: Law & Taxation / Tax Exemption
Information Management: For-Profits Share
by Birnbaum, Stanley
Category: Computers
Over-Regulation Frustrates Fundraisers
by Hopkins, Bruce
Category: Fundraising / Regulation
Over-Regulation Frustrates Fundraisers
by Hopkins, Bruce
Category: Law & Taxation / Regulation
Picture Your Organization on Videotape
by Belknap, Linda
Category: Communications / Video
Risky Business: How to Manage Risk in Your Organization
by Henson, Sarah & Bruce Larson
Category: Management / Risk Management
Think Tank, Watchdog: Keeping an Eye on Government
Category: Profiles in Excellence / Government
Watershed or Waterloo?: Two Key Steps in Business Development
by Brinckerhoff, Peter
Category: Enterprise / Business Development
What Should We Charge for Our Services?
by Ellis, Susan
Category: Accounting / Service Charges
Why Not Try a Crackerjack Campaign?: a New Way to Recruit
by Smith, Mimi
Category: Fundraising / Donor Recruitment

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