Nonprofit World: October-December 2020


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Is This a Possible Conflict of Interest?

Kramer, Don

What should board members do when they think they see conflicts of interest?


How Can You Boost Board Turnout?

Robinson, Andy

What are some ways to get people to show up?


On-Boarding - Or Board Orientation? Welcoming New Board Members

Burns, Mike

The process is too crucial to approach without careful planning.


Use Data to Cultivate Long-Term Donor Engagement

Maw, Annabel

Keep supporters energized with these strategies.


The Power of Crowdfunding

Gousse, Liz & Matt McCrosson

Here's how to take advantage of this huge opportunity to raise money.


Three Expensive & Common Nonprofit Conflicts: Turn Your Struggles into Wins

Eber Davis, Karen

Every nonprofit must reconcile these goal-related conflicts. Here's a way to make it less tortuous.


What Does It Mean to Lead Volunteers?

Wilson, Marlene

A pioneer in the volunteer field offers insights and inspiration.

Relevant Reviews

Listening to Community Voices

Fernsler, Terrence

As we rebuild our communities, let's ensure all voices are heard.


Risk & Your Brain: Taking Smart Risks & Making Better Decisions

Lockwood Herman, Melanie

What do your brain's quirks have to do with how you assess risk and make decisions? Quite a lot.


Making Better Mistakes

Lay, Gregory

Use this checklist as a guide to making magnificent mistakes.


A Better Brand = More Loyal Supporters

Colosetti, Isham

Is it time to revisit your brand?


Are You Prepared for a Cybersecurity Incident?

Austin, Bryce

Without a plan, you risk catastrophe.


Mind Mapping Is Essential for Leaders

Jane Grosskopf, Hilary

Help people see how to reach your vision with this powerful tool.


Are You Risking Legal Action because of Discrimination? Study Shines Light on Leadership Diversity

Muehrcke, Jill

Many employees never even reach the glass ceiling because of a broken rung much lower in the ladder. What is that rung, and how can you repair it?


How to Coach People through Stress: Use Reflective Inquiry for Best Results

Reynolds, Marcia

To lead people in stressful times, become their coaching partner.

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Nonprofit Briefs


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