Nonprofit World: October-December 2019


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Is a Raffle a Good Bet?

Kramer, Don

Can you raffle off some of your office equipment to raise funds?


What's the Right Length for a Direct-Mail Letter?

Warwick, Mal

How long a letter should you send to potential donors?


Chargebacks Can Put Your Organization at Risk: How to Prevent Online Credit-Card Fraud

Sementa, Drew

Be sure you have the right precautions in place.


Are You Making These Mistakes in Your Fundraising Letters?

Perry, Gail

Check out these simple ways to make your letters more appealing to donors.


Harness the Power of Termed-Out Board Members

Kellman Baxter, Robbie & Eugene H. Fram

Don't lose the energy, talent, and loyalty of former directors. They offer a huge opportunity.


Start With Passion, But Don't Stop

Eber Davis, Karen

Don't miss any part of the formula for sustainability & success.


We Are Made for Story

Russell, Max T.

If you want people to remember something, tell it in a story.


The Limitations of Seeing Volunteers Only as Unpaid Staff

Ellis, Susan

The potential of your volunteers is boundless, if you just unleash it.


Assess Your Work Style for Better Communication

Nawaz, Sabrina

Do you know how you - and each of your colleagues - like to work? Such knowledge is crucial in forging productive relationships.


Two Simple but Important Metrics Your Nonprofit Needs to Measure

Shefska, Zach

You can use data you already have to check your fundraising effectiveness.


Bring Your Training Home

Wetmore, Donald

Use this checklist to create successful in-house training programs.


Anatomy of a Bestseller: Case Study of a Wildly Successful Nonprofit Business

Bliss, Susan

What led this nonprofit from kitchen table to steady income? And can you use the enterprising ideas in your own organization?


Hiring a Consultant? How to Be a Savvy Consumer

Robinson, Andy

These guidelines will help you choose the right consultant.


Yes, Good Manners Count - a Lot

Zabriskie, Kate

Using basic rules of etiquette says a lot about you as a leader.


Dealing with Change in a VUCA World

van der Wal, Zeger

Do you have the key traits of a VUCA-proof leader?

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