Nonprofit World: October-December 2016


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Law & Taxation

Are Pro Bono Services Deductible?

Kramer, Don

Can professionals deduct the contribution of their services?


What's the Trick to Writing E-Mail Fundraising Letters?

Warwick, Mal

Does e-mail fundraising differ from printed mail? If so, how?


Two Big Questions about You

Russell, Max T.

We all need help now and then with dialing into ourselves. A special kind of listening is a big help.


Ignite Passion by Connecting Online

Buys, Jason

Find personal ways to build online relationships.


Pitfalls to Avoid when Seeking Corporate Support

Bonaparte, Yvette Lynne

Steer clear of these errors if you want to enjoy corporate largesse.


Purging Misinformation, Hearsay, & Errors about Nonprofit Income

Eber Davis, Karen

What are your organization's best sources of income? Even experienced nonprofit leaders often get the answers wrong.


Planning the Board Orientation: 12 Key Messages

Harris, Bob

Don't neglect this all-important activity: orienting and training the board.

Law & Taxation

Overtime Rule Delayed: What Does It Mean for You?

Lambrou Johnson, Christine & Scott J. Ward

A nationwide injunction has delayed the new Department of Labor FLSA final rule. What to do now? Take these steps.


Building Trust with Your Volunteers


Don't overlook this all-important alliance.


What's Your Color?

Muehrcke, Jill

This quick quiz may revolutionize your relationships.


The Power of Story: Bring Your Brand to Life

Walsh, Brandon C.

Use this template to engage supporters in exciting new ways.


Three Steps for Getting the Most from Millenials

Zabriskie, Kate

Millennials have entered the workforce en masse, and many organizations are still struggling to incorporate them. Here are concrete steps to make the transition easier.


Cybersecurity: Not Just for Home Depot Anymore

Blackman, Craig & Jana Landon

Nonprofits are increasingly being targeted by hackers. Here's why, and what you need to do.


A Different Kind of Asssesment: Test your Leadership

Frick, Don M.

This new assessment will answer an important question: How are you doing on the servant leadership journey?


New Rule Will Change the Way You Report Your Contracts

O'Connell, Kevin

Take these steps to comply with the new accounting standard.

Relevant Reviews

Use Struggle to Become a Better Leader

Fernsler, Terrence

Severe challenge can be your greatest opportunity.

Nonprofit Briefs

Nonprofit Briefs


A collection of brief articles with tips, research and reviews related to nonprofit management and leadership.

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