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Nonprofit World: October-December 2014


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Cloud Communication: Keep Connected, Cut Costs & Achieve Your Goals
by Pugh, Mike
It's not just a way to do more with less. It's a connector and relationship-builder.
Death to Elevator Speeches
by Weisman, Carol
Is it time to throw out your elevator speech and try a new way to gain supporters?
Do You Have These Four Crucial Committees?
by Ball, Alyson
All well-run nonprofits have four indispensable committees. Here's why they're so important.
For Long-Term Stability, Look to Corporations
by Burtch, Bruce W.
Here's how to garner corporate dollars.
Gain Extraordinary Impact: Fund Your Most Difficult Challenge
by Eber Davis, Karen
Look with fresh eyes at what people need and what you can offer them.
How Mobile Marketing Can Work for You
by Heraghty, Anne
Here's a new way to use social media to capture minds and hearts.
How to Foster a Positive Relationship with Corporate (and Other) Donors
by Powell, Marlynne
Receiving support is just the beginning. Here's how to create a long-lasting relationship.
Legal & Nonprofit Partnering to Benefit People with Disabilities
by Lipsey, Bruce S.
If you haven't yet partnered with a lawyer, it may be time to do so. The benefits can be enormous.
Moving beyond Strategic Planning
by Fernsler, Terrence
Skyrocketing change requires new approaches to daily planning and big-picture thinking.
Nonprofit Briefs
by Misc
A collection of brief articles with tips, research and reviews related to nonprofit management and leadership.
Seven Steps to Hiring & Keeping the Right Person
by Flaxington, Beverly
Here are foolproof ways to hire the best people - and hang on to them.
Tools to Manage & Promote Your Events
by Sample Ward, Amy
Use these apps to be sure people benefit from your trainings, networking offerings, fundraisers, and other events.
Two Surprising Ways to Broaden Your Reach Online
by Jarrett, Kelley
Are you taking advantage of these creative ways to gain new supporters?
What If Your Board Takes Its Beef Public?
by Temkin, Terrie
Here's a helpful exercise for any board.
When Leaders Stall
by Rafe, Stephen C.
Having trouble getting a leader to make a decision? Don't despair. Here are proven steps to move you forward (even if you're the leader in question).
Why Switch to a Prepaid Card Program?
by Grant, Toffer
You may be surprised by all the benefits.

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