Nonprofit World: July-August 2012


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Get People to Reply to Your E-Mails: Here's How

Harrell, Matt

It's all about the subject line.


Five Steps to a Well-Balanced Board

Ryckman, Mark L.

Is your board following these essential steps?

Law & Taxation

How to Write Effective Anti-Bias Policies

Fahrenhorst, Robert and Brian H. Kleiner

Good policies can keep you from being sued.


The Value of a ZIP Code*

Sexauer, Michael and Mildred S. Myers

ZIP codes can help you choose cost-effective marketing targets. But be sure you use them the right way.


Going Beyond Lip Service

Clemmer, Jim

If you want to make changes that endure, you need to change yourself.


Sitting on a Gold Mine: Uncovering Hidden Profit Centers

Long, Stephen

How can you reveal the treasure waiting right before your eyes?


Six Tips for Better Pricing

Mohammed, Rafi

Start generating new funds and serving more people tomorrow morning.


How to Cut Overhead Costs*

Snodgrass, Tod

It costs you nothing to reduce overhead expenses, yet returns can be huge.


What's in Your Portfolio? You May Be Surprised by the Answer

Dietz, Mark

Take a look at your investment strategies to be sure they're serving your mission.

Law & Taxation

Political Activity: A Primer for Nonprofits

Hofmann, Mary Ann

What kind of politicking can you do, and what's not allowed? Here's a helpful summary.


A Powerful New Tool for Change

Eadie, Doug

Out-of-the-box change is possible if you follow these steps.

Relevant Reviews

Developing a Great Fundraising Plan*

Fernsler, Terrence

Here's how to succeed at implementing a fundraising plan for your organization.

Nonprofit Briefs

Nonprofit Briefs*


A collection of brief articles with tips, research and reviews related to nonprofit management and leadership.

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