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Nonprofit World: July-August 2008


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Can You Be Paid in Lieu of Pension?
by Temkin, Terrie
If it?s time to retire and you don?t have a pension plan, can your organization compensate you in some other way to ease your "golden years"?
Creating Breakthroughs
by Lemberg, Paul
If you want to engineer transformational change into your organization, follow these tips.
Deeper Donor Relationships = Increased Contributions
by Riley, David
Database technology is vital in donor relations
Exploring the Options: Online Donation Payment Choices*
by Crooke, David
If you raise funds online, how will you receive the money? Here are your choices.
Got Bylaws?
by Sollenberger, Henry
Have a set of well-thought-out bylaws is the best way to protect your organization in case of internal conflicts.
Grounded Visioning: A Quick Way to Create Shared Visions
by Vogt, Jay W.
Build a shared vision in less than a day? It's possible by following these six steps.
I've Been Thinking about Organizational Effectiveness*
by Golensky, Martha
Several examples offer clues to creating an effective organization
Show Off a Little! New Approach Forges Bonds
by Mitchell, Mark & Sheila Mitchell
Here's how to adapt an innovative marketing technique to your organization.
The Little Stuff that Can Bite*
by Griesmann, Don
Don't neglect these six "small" items.
Twelve Heuristics that Will Raise Your EQ
by Craig, Jeanne Anne
A change of perspective can make you a better leader.
What's the Key to Raising Money in a Tough Economy?
by King, David H.
Does your board raise the funds your organization needs? If not, it may be time to make some changes.

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