Nonprofit World: July-August 2007


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Bulk Or First-Class Mail - Which Is Best?*

Warwick, Mal

How reliable is nonprofit bulk postage compared to first-class?

Law & Taxation

Closing Down a Charity

Kramer, Don

If you have to shut down your operations for awhile, will you lose your exempt status?


A Zeal for Endowment

McAfee, Melinda

How to build an endowment for your organization


Intuition in Decision-Making*

Oliver, Erika

Are you missing one of the most powerful decision-making tools of all?


Transforming Your Organization from the Inside Out

Weiman, David & Kathryn Leugers

How a small nonprofit boosted cooperation and communication by doing something simple - trusting the staff


Take the Gamble Out of Hiring with Assessments

Ellner, Michele

Don't rely on luck. Use assessments to zero in on the perfect person for the job


To Govern Well, Create a Learning Agenda*

Martin, Marty

Use this process to boost your board's knowledge


For-Profits and Nonprofits Achieve Missions Together

Migliore, Sally

Build successful collaborations with these keys


Is It Time to Consider New Ways to Communicate?

Strand, Mike

New technologies are now practical for smaller organizations

Public Relations

How to Get Quoted in the Press*

Levick, Richard S.

The right quote can be the best way to spread your message. Use these tips to make it happen.


Easing Stress in the Workplace

Raitano, Robert & Brian Kleiner

Follow these steps to create a motivated, productive staff.

Book Reviews

Teaching a New Generation about Charity*

Fernsler, Terrence

Two books fill an important gap

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