Nonprofit World: July-August 2005


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Charity Begins On the Web: Tips to Enhance Online Fundraising*
by Atlas, Leonard
Category: Computers / Online Fundraising
How to Increase Donations from Local Businesses
by Cockerham, Christina
Category: Fundraising / Corporate
How to Send Less Mail and Increase Results
by Brewer, Randy
Category: Fundraising / Direct Mail
Is 9/11 to Blame?*
by Warwick, Mal
Category: Fundraising / Renewals
Regular People, Spectacular Results*
by Lemburg, Paul & Tom Matzen
Category: Personnel / Hiring
Strategic Planning on a Budget
by Smergut, Peter
Category: Planning / Strategic Planning
What Do Donors Want?*
by Fernsler, Terrence
Category: Book Reviews / Donors
Who's Minding the Store?
by Snyder, Gary
Category: Management / Trust
Why You Should Consider Trademark Protection
by Visser, Michelle
Category: Law & Taxation / Trademarks

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