Nonprofit World: July-August 2004


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10+ Self-Audit Tips for Nonprofit Accountability*
by Maclean, Charles
Category: Ethics / Accountability
Board Retreats: The Wave of the Future
by Weisman, Carol
Category: Boards / Retreats
Key to Raising More Money Revealed*
by Fernsler, Terrence
Category: Book Reviews / Fundraising
Look Beyond Tradition to Diversify Your Board*
by McCrory, Kenneth
Category: Boards / Diversity
Planning for Leadership Succession: Are You Ready?
by Santora, Joseph
Category: Management / Succession
Prelude to Change: How the DMCA Affects Fundraising
by Austin, Richard L.
Category: Law & Taxation / DMCA
Secrets of the Charismatic Leader*
by Mason, David
Category: Management / Leaders
Seven Steps to a Successful Gift
by Benuska, Marilyn
Category: Fundraising / Asking
Should You Use Your Full Name or an Acronym
by Fox, Karen
Category: Marketing / Name
Use Employee Ownership to Motivate People and Gain Revenue
by Shah, Sam and Rosen, Corey
Category: Personnel / Employee Ownership
When You're Forced to Say "No Comment"
by Jampole, Marc
Category: Public Relations / No Comment

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