Nonprofit World: July-August 2002


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Eight Steps to Managing Conflict*
by Angelica, Marion Peters
Category: Personnel / Conflict
Getting Comfortable with the F Word: Fundraising and the Nonprofit Board Member
by Weisman, Carol
Category: Boards / Fundraising
Hiring in a Competitive Market
by Harrison, Bill
Category: Fundraising / Hiring
How to Have an Audit without Breaking the Bank*
by O'Reilly-Allen, Margaret
Category: Finances / Audit
Protect Your Resources from Insider Theft*
by Herman, Melanie
Category: Case Files / Theft
Sector Has Key Role in Rebuilding Social Capital
Category: Global Thinking / Connection
Should You Use Robert's Rules of Order?
by McAllister, Pamela
Category: Boards / Meetings
Take Action for a Change*
by Fernsler, Terrence
Category: Book Reviews / Faith Works
Taming the Beast: Four Keys to Creating that Special Event
by Major, Mimi
Category: Fundraising / Special Events
Turn Your Stakeholders into Risk-takers
by Boschee, Jerr
Category: Enterprise / Risk

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